Serve me some Raspberry Pi


I’ve been following these nice little $25 computer boards currently named the Raspberry Pi. Its built on ARM and runs GNU/Linux. From what I have seen with these, they have a built in ethernet port, and pre-installed with linux (lasted remix runs Fedora), which got me thinking, What if we used these as a dropbox.

For those who don’t know, a dropbox is like a trojan device you plug into a network to either give you remote access to the network, or feed you with information from that network. not the common cloud software. The idea is that you configure the OS on the Raspberry to function as a server running ssh, or any other tools you would want to leverage.

the other method is that the dropbox would connect to your other server, so you could have an FTP server, website or anything else that would wait for a connection from the dropbox, and then recieve the data dump. then the line would go silent again until the next data dump.

check out the Raspberry Pi here


About the Author: DarkLordZim

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